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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Power Power everywhere.... but not a watt for us!!!

In this hectic life of Mumbai , what one needs is peace of mind at the end of the day when one reaches home. But I guess we people staying in suburbs cant even dare to dream about such a life. The constant power failures in places , Vasai - Virar have been a pain for all of us. To add to it the power failures are for not less than 8 hours a day which excludes those small time power cuts in between, so it sums upto almost 9 hours a day. The timings are weird , 6 in the morning when one starts the day and the last cut at 3 in the after noon to 9 in the night. That means no power for almost the entire day when one needs to work. What troubles us the most is that the entire city enjoys 24 hours non stop elcetricity supply and we at the end suffer. After all these we also pay huge electricity bills not less than Rs. 1500 per month. When checked the reason for this , it was told by the officials that the state is running short of Electricity and thats the reason these load sheddings have become so frequent. But I am not able to understand the logic behind getting things compensated only from our end. Why cant the entire state stand together so that we save electricity and everyone, I mean everyone enjoys the same amount of electricity without causing much of trouble to anyone.