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Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am an Angel!!!!

I am an Angel!!!!!

Let me go my love!!
Leave my hand!!
I have to go now
This is not my land

If you were to go,
Why did u come ?
U made me laugh…
And made me smile..

I am addicted to your presence
Your fragrance so sweet
How will I live now?
As we will never meet!!!

I was in heavens
All happy and gay
Playing around
And laughing all day

And then one day I saw u sad
Lonely in tears
Asking HIM for an angel
To give u the love u missed all these years

That is when I came in your life
To give u smiles and joy
To show u that ray of hope
Did u now get me my boy???

Oh! My angel my love for u is true
I love u more than I say I do
Just stay with me for eternity
Have mercy my love, have pity!!!!!

I just love the touch of your hands
So gentle as it is!!!!
I love to hold you in my arms
It jus seems like a bliss!!!!

Look in my eyes my love
And tell me what u feel
Don’t you also love me???
Tell me, I beg, I kneel!!!

I love you more than HIM
And do not wish to go
But this is what is destiny
And its decided so!!!

But I was here to bring you joy
And to bring u smile
I am not a human ,my love
Am an angel so fragile

I filled your life with love
And gave you all my care!!!
Staying here would be against HIM
Tell me, How do I dare?

I love the warmth of your arms
And the smile of your face
I am leaving behind my heart
I am leaving behind a trace

Tell me then my angel
To get you what should I do?
I will do just anything
Though pain I will have to go thro

My love you can only meet angels
In the heaven up above
Death is the only way
That’s the only way my love!!!

Our love is true and pure
And I need you my angel
Let HIM change the destiny
Or I will die for sure!!!!

Just don’t leave my hand
My Angel Please don’t go
I feel my heart is aching
Why is it happening so?

You will survive my love
Flesh and blood you are
I am always in your eyes
Shining like a star

Where are you my angel???
Where have u gone???
Am left behind aching
Am left all alone!!!!!

(From the Heaven)

I will always love u my boy
You will forget me though
I will always see you smiling
But you will never know!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yes I have Learnt!!!!

Time has taught me……

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From a shattered relation

And a broken heart

I have learnt love has no value

And materialism rules

Time has taught me ….

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From tears in the eyes

Pain in the heart

I have learnt to be strong

Because weak are dumped

Time has taught me …..

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From smiles on the face

And hatred in the heart

I have learnt to be dual

Because affection fails

Time has taught me….

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From living for someone

And betrayed by the same

I have learnt to have no faith

Because faith is broken

Time has taught me….

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From standing by the truth

And see falsehood winning

I have learnt to lie

Because truth always loses

Time has taught me…

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From seeing relations lived

And seeing them shatter

I have learnt that life flows

And never stops for anyone

Time has taught me…..

Yes I have learnt!!!!