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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moments of Love!!

I stared at this picture for long and smiled. Four years already? I thought to myself. It feels like
yesterday that I fell in love with him and then marriage followed. And here I am today, cherishing all those lovely moments that we have spent together.

If you have ever fallen in love then you know what I am talking about. It’s absolute bliss to love someone beyond and more than anything. The fact that your world revolves around someone is something that steers our life, gives us direction. I am on cloud nine right now or may be forever.

If you know me, you know how crazy I am about him.  His love and companionship means a lot to me. And for me LOVE means doing all those cheeky things for him. In fact to tell you I always wanted to experience the joy of writing a love letter. During our dating days we never got a chance to do so. Thanks to Reliance ( yes they had some offers going on then ), we were always hooked to our cell phone for hours together with each other . At times, the phone rebelled and conked off :).  I often felt sad that I could never write to him any love letter. But then last November when he was traveling to Sweden for a fortnight without me ( :( ) we decided (please read me only) that we will write to each other at least one (love) letter each day. This was an opportunity to live one of our dreams and we lived it.

The joy I felt after completing each letter left a warmth in my heart and a grin on my face. Of course we did not post the letters but we read it after he came back from his trip. I remember his reaction when he first smelled those letters, “ You’ve completely finished your perfume bottle, here?" he said pointing towards the bundle of letters. Today when I think of those moments I still feel warm and start smiling.

Life has not been all hunky dory after marriage. If you know me, you know what I am talking about. :) But he stood with me in times of thick and thin. He protects me like a shield and has taught me to stand up for myself. He believes in me more than I have ever believed in myself. Amidst all the chaos around, I have received abundant love from him. If I look back today, I have grown in these 4 years, both as a woman and an individual.

I skip a beat when he sings for me. I fall head over heels for him every time he runs his fingers through his hair. I love those morning chai times that we spend together talking about “us”. I eagerly wait for those evening walks on weekends where we share northing but silence. I love those occasional moments in cafe coffee day, giggling and laughing over random things while sipping over our latte. Those morning hugs when he completely wraps me in his arms, leaves me falling all the more for him. (Didn’t I tell you I love to doing cheeky things). Yes, I am in love and it’s all around me.

These are the small moments that make my life, life. I cherish these moments. Today they are moments, tomorrow they’ll form memories. Memories of two people in love with each other. Memories of the trust that we have in each other. Memories of joy that we have found in each other.

Mr.Husband, in spite of all imperfections, life has been perfect with you. Wish you a very “Happy Anniversary” and may we celebrate many more such years of love, togetherness and absolute madness.

Clicked by Kaku on our 4th Wedding Anniversary

This is the song he often sings.....