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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am ME…just ME!!!

It irritates or rather disturbs me when people around want me to be something or someone. They want to dump their thoughts in my brain. They want to teach me the world politics. They want me to be like them. They want me to do right things (Right as per them). But I can’t be someone. I can’t process someone’s views. I am capable enough to have my own. It is simple and clear. I am ME, a different person, a different entity. Nobody is my clone and I am no one’s genetic copy either. I am Me.. Just me.

I think and have a view of my own. It may be wrong or not right for others but it’s my thought. I stand by it because I believe in it. And I have the audacity to accept my faults in public. I know to apologize too (In case you thought I don’t). I have learnt to accept criticism with a pinch of salt. And I know to be firm on what I believe is right. You can’t budge me (In case you thought, you can). I know my goods, bad’s and the ugly’s too. I know what I am good at and very well know where I need refinement.

I am creative, moody, and sentimental to the extent of crying over a movie. I am loving and crazy at times, ok, most of the times. I can talk for hours together without getting tired. I laugh aloud, very loud. I laugh from my heart. I have the ability to laugh over the misery of my life. I can either be right or wrong, I can’t be “Politically Correct”. If I don’t like something, I don’t like it. I am vocal about it. Is it wrong to be honest? Well, I prefer being honest. It is easy. I can’t pretend. I can’t pretend to be pals with people I can’t stand for a minute. I am outspoken. I am a human. It’s human to be with people you like. But I respect every existence. If I don’t like someone or something doesn’t mean it’s bad. It is just that I have a different/better taste.

I can’t lie and can’t stand one. Speak the truth, it is less difficult. And you don’t have to remember tales that you crafted to lie. I dislike liars. I keep away from people who have an inflated ego. I avoid sissy babies. I am away from people who show off. Modesty is attractive. I believe if you have really achieved something, you will be so humbled by the achievement that you will never walk with a weighted ego. If you are really something, you won’t have to ask others to praise you. People will love you and respect you. The world doesn’t need to change; I probably need a change in me. I don’t have issues with others. I never mess with people. I am so busy in my own world that I don’t really care.

I love nature. It is beautiful and giving. I can walk miles while listening to my favorite music. I love rains, it is fun getting drenched. The smell of wet soil is out of the world. I love sea shores. I love making mud houses. I love pottery. I love clay. I love making wonderful things out of it. I love to stand in front of the mirror and look at myself. I adore colors. I have a strong bond with red color. I love wearing junk jewelry. They are adorable.

I am expressive about my feelings. I always write them. I love surprises. I am fond of cooking, that shows I have a hunger for good food. I love gardening. Flowers are amazing to be with. Orchids are wonderful. Dogs are my bestest friends. They are better friends than humans. Music gives me a high. It touches my soul. I am fond of dancing. It is super fun. I love meditating. It helps my anxiety. I love humor. It keeps me going. I am a prankster. Its fun to see smiling faces around. Travelling is great. Discover new places and discover yourself.

I love to do all those little things that make them happy. I have the potential to smother my loved ones with my over loving nature. My friends are adorable. I am always holding my guru’s hands. He guides me. I am very close to my mother. She is my pillar of strength. I have the most wonderful husband. Life has not been rosy but is has been adventurous. And that is the best part of my life. Guess it has been the best teacher so far. I share a strange relationship with God. I love him and he loves me too, but we often fight. Of course, he makes the first move and we patch up. I love to stare at the night sky. It is simply beautiful. I dream with eyes wide open. I guess it is called day dreaming. I think I have conquered the world in my dreams. I treasure relationships and I love to love. Giving is easy. Try it. I am thankful to god for all the wonderful things he has blessed me with.

This is me. I may not be what you think I should be. But why should I be what you want me to be? I am ME. I am happy being what I am. I love myself. I love being happy. It is easier than being miserable. I am ambitious in my own way. I have to do a lot of things in life. I am still trying my way to them.

So, don’t bother and let me be ME.