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Monday, August 20, 2012

Have you lived your life, yet????

I wish we also came with our expiry dates labelled on us ( haven’t you seen those tablets??). I wish life gave us a heads up before it was time to leave and go. I wish we could plan our life well in advance so that all the precious time that we hold, we could use it wisely. I wish I wish and I only wish.

Sometimes certain small incidents/accidents in life, leave you wondering on the uncertainties of life. All that you have may change within a second. I believe these probably help us realize the importance of all those lovely people in our lives, all those wonderful moments we cherish and all that is yet to accomplish. How would one feel when one wakes up only to realize that this is “the last day” of his/her life? What if all that you own/possess is suddenly lost in something that you have least control over?? No, I am not trying to scare any one nor am I being a pessimist. I am just trying to deal with this little seed that was planted by a small ( please read small ) accident yesterday. Please do not panic, I am alright. It was just one of those careless moments at home. So I am all hale and hearty and fit enough to type and share with you, the worm that kept rambling and playing in my mind since yesterday.

I am sure you have come across this question multiple times. What if you get to know, you have just one day to live? What will you do? This thought strongly crossed my mind yesterday. It is indeed scary. But then it made me realize that there is very little that I have lived. There is very little that I have accomplished. There is so much more to do. I still haven’t shared all the love that I have. I realized I had taken “life” for granted. Completely.

We are so lost in the mundane chores of life that we often forget/ignore the real side of life. Life beyond office and work. Life beyond those deadlines. Life beyond the traffic and its frustration. Life beyond that 8:00 am bus. Life that’s beyond the mechanical life that we have created for ourselves.

Life is in the strong arms of dad when nothing seems right. Life is the yummy mom made food when you are hungry like hell. Life is those silly fights you have with your siblings. Life is that joke you quietly with your friends. Life is holding your favorite book on a lazy afternoon. Life is walking up the hill and then delving back in to the beautiful valley beneath. Life is clicking funny pictures just so that you look cool, life is telling your spouse over and over again that you love him/her. Life is hugging your teacher after a long long time. Life is kissing your child and letting him know you will always be there. Life is clicking pictures at almost every event of your life so that you hold back the memory. Life is making a new wish list everyday and then changing it. Life is that mouth watering street food that you cant resist. Life is getting that particular color for your friends wedding. Life is realizing your purpose and then living it to the core. Life is all those little moments that become cherished moments later. Life is adding those lovely colors everyday so that one day we will complete the picture. The picture that will stay forever even when we are gone.

There is so much more to life than we even try to see. Or may be, we see it but do not make any change. Because we are stuck in a race. The race that may get us all the material wealth but leaves us robbed of all the real wealth of love. When was the last time you did something that you absolutely love? When was the last time you called up mom just to tell her that you lover her? When was the last time you lived?

So forgive the one’s who hurt you, they just came to teach you a lesson. Treasure the ones who love you, they are here to make your life worth living. Thank the ones who helped you, they helped you understand that we still have good people around us. Let go of the one’s who have gone,they were not meant to stay in your life forever. Instead go lend a helping hand to the ones who need you.

Yesterday I came across this beautiful message that my dear friend put up on FB.

“Sometimes I cry and crib for silly things and fail to realize how blessed I am. Thank you GOD
- for blessing my life with wonderful people - my family and my dearest friends... 
- For giving me challenges that only make me stronger as a person, 
- for letting me meet few wrong people so that I realise the importance of the right people in my life
- For giving me the wisdom to discover happiness in simple things of life...

Too much of gyaan?? :)
Hmmm.... may be. But then if it has left you thinking about your life, I am good. That simply means I have successfully infected your thoughts too. I have left a worm in your head now. Let it ramble and play and you will be amazed with what it brings to you.

So go, live your life today. Tomorrow is just a myth.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Found, Lost & Found Again..... The Perfect Brother!!!

While I was typing this, I saw a message on my phone which read, “This year I have only your Rakhi on my wrist, I am so happy. Lots of love to you.” He was happy and so was I. 

How do I describe him??? Hmmm.... Let me try. He is tall, has a lean frame and is pretty handsome. He has brightly twinkling eyes, a smile that spreads across his serene face, an attitude that’s contagiously positive and a heart that only loves. He can instantly make you fall in love with him with his witty answers and a heartfelt grin. I have known him for 20 years now or even more. But then there is something about him that makes me love him more and more.

When we first met he was about twelve and I was about 2. He often tells me that as kids we have lovely memories something that only siblings can boast of. He still recalls that he was very fond of me and enjoyed pulling my cheeks. I remember roaming around the colony while he would happily carry me in his arms. He wished he had a sister like me and I wished for an elder brother, just like him. Time passed by and we were growing up together. But then something happened and we suddenly lost contact with each other.I remember the last time that I saw him was when I was about 8 years old. And then after a decade I heard about him.

I was doing my graduation and was completely lost in my own world. He had built a promising career for himself, had a very lovely wife and a son. He somehow managed to get our contact number through a dad’s friend and called up my mother. He instantly expressed his desire to meet us. I had almost forgotten his face except for his big bright eyes. When we met it was a very emotional moment. There was so much to discuss and share. There were times when we laughed insanely and times when we would try to hide a tear. We picked up the pieces right from the place we had left them.

Yogesh bhaiya as I call him is more than just a brother to me. He is a friend, guide and a father figure. I can open my heart to him, share the deepest darkest secrets with him, seek his advice when I am lost, sulk and crib when I am stuck and share my smiles when I am jumping of joy. No we are not relatives, not family friends either. Then???? Strange as it may sound, Bhaiya’s family was just a neighbor to one of my dad’s close relative. Whenever we visited our relative, we would meet up with bhaiya and his family too. We would play together, make noise around do a lot of mischief. Slowly and steadily our families became fond of each other and we became family. But then things went sour with our relatives and we stopped visiting them. Obviously we also lost contact with bhaiya and his family. Those were the days when telephone was an object of luxury. So no contact at all except for the fact that we existed in each other’s prayers.

There is something about bhaiya. Right from my childhood, I was always drawn to him, his thoughts and ideals. Bhaiya and I share more than just love. It is beyond that. I am not sure if we think alike. May be we do or may be we don’t. I am really not sure. He has always been a source of inspiration to me. The way he forgives people is beyond the reach of a common man. He is downright honest and a man of his words. I have never seen him judge people or their lives. Every one is here for a purpose, he says gently. His modesty and selfless nature makes him beloved to many. The grin on his face is independent of what life has offered him. He is happy, always. Probably that’s the reason why he has been instrumental in changing so many lives around him. Every time I went to him with a problem he smiled and said, "now think about the solution too."

Bhaiya has filled our life with his abundant unconditional love. People who see us often think that we come from the same genome. But as bhaiya always says, “Some things are thicker than blood, our relationship is one of them”.
My favoritest picture of Bhaiya

Bhaiya, as you turn a year older and handsomer and wittier, I pray that you be blessed with all the joy and wealth of the world. While Rakesh and I will always love you, we also want you to know that you mean so much to us!! This year you made my Rakshabandhan so so special. You know what I am talking about. :)

Happy Birthday and lots of love to you!!

Rakesh and Khushi!!