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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love and everything like it!!!

I have known him for almost 5 years now, yet the joy of seeing him and talking to him never ends. I eagerly wait for him every evening to share all that the day had to offer. His voice still sounds so sweet to my ears that I feel I can converse with him for hours together. When he tries to steal a moment with me in a room full of people, I still blush and turn pink. I love it when when we hold our hands and share moments of silent conversation, staring at the beautiful sky for hours. It’s wonderful how he shares his knowledge of the many stars that beautify the sky every night after a long tiring day. The “chai time” that we share every morning makes just the perfect start for my day. His childlike smile just fades off my memories of pain, grief and worry.

He never fails to surprise me with his love for other beings. His humility is something that most men today can only boast of. In an age when people brag about the money they make or the organization they work with, he is a complete unfit. I believe the more he achieves, the humble he grows. He enjoys talking about the lovely orchids that we own or about the fish tank that he saw at a store. He remembers the times he has spent with children and the times when he was a child. He brags about the cartoons that filled up the last page of his history notebook in school or the pompous celebration of his school sports day.

I have seen the awe in his eyes when birds flock together in the sky or when there is a new rose bud in the little plant of our balcony. I have seen him hide his tears when he there is a child in pain or when an animal is abused. I am the witness of his serene face while he is meditating and the faith in his voice when he praying for someone who is a complete stranger. His passion for Astronomy coupled with his keen desire for "Shell Scripting" certainly makes him different. I have seen him bite his nails when there is a thrilling cricket match and jump from the chair when when Arsenal hits a goal. I have seen the mischief in his eyes when he pulls my cheeks and the cheer in his voice when he learns something new.

He has added a new dimension to my life and changed my perspective on things. The best part is that he didn’t have to try a bit. It just happened. He has taught me that love is in its purest form when it is "unconditional". While I am this carefree, outspoken and impulsive woman, he is a thoughtful, calm and considerate man. He has a forgiving heart, the one that carries no grudge. While many of us only talk about Karma, he is simply walking the path. He is a silent winner and has won many hearts with his abound love and simplicity. Life has not only become meaningful but it has also found a new path where he and I tread together.

Yesterday when I opened the e-mail box I saw an email from Kakimaa (one of the most beautiful person I am fortunate to know and before I realized I was in love with her). The mail began with a line,” Sweetie, you have blossomed into such a beautiful person, and a lot of the credit goes to Rakesh for enabling you to be who you are.” A tear fell from my eye. I am not sure how beautiful I am. My Kakimaa loves me immensely and this could be the reason why she thinks I am a beautiful person. Yet a part of her statement is so true. Apart from my parents, it’s he ( Rakesh )who enabled me to dream and made me believe that dreams  come true if you pursue them with perseverance. When I shared this e-mail with him, he smiled (as he always does), hugged me and said, “Just let your love fill me”.

He is a wonderful person and I am so fortunate to be with him. He is an answer to my prayer and one of the most precious gifts of God to me. Every day he unleashes a new color of joy in our lives and with each passing day I fall in love with him, all over again. He is my soul mate, my best friend and my companion for life - He is "My Husband".

This picture was clicked by Kaku on our 2nd wedding anniversary

Saturday, March 3, 2012

"I have a Dream" - Rashmi Bansal.

Author: Rashmi Bansal

About the Author: Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and youth expert. she is a motivational speaker and mentor to students and young entrepreneurs. She is an MBA from IIM - Ahmedabad.

I have a Dream - First Published by Westland 2011.

On several occasions, I had these strange questions barking loudly inside me. The questions were simple yet blunt. I always thought, Is there no hope in today's world? Is there no humanity left? Is there no love for the other in one's heart? I did not have an answer to any of these questions until recently. And then I stumbled upon, “I have a dream”. After reading this book, I am hopeful again that “All is not lost in today's world”.

Written very succinctly by Author, Entrepreneur and Youth Expert- Rashmi Bansal, the book touches your soul and moves you beyond everything. It questions the very basic existence of you and me. All of us are here for a reason however very few of us find this reason and live it completely.

The book entails the stories of 20 unconventionally conventional idealists. These idealists have nothing in common except for the fact that all of them are committed to social causes. These are social entrepreneurs. The book talks about the thrilling, rough yet amazing journey of these next door individuals who made a difference in the society, for the society.

The book begins with a heart wrenching tale of Bindeshwar Pathak and his journey towards making a difference in the rural India through Sulabh Shauchalya. Then it it talks about Saloni malhotra, a young girl who dared to dream to create jobs in rural India. The other tale encompaases the heart touching tale of Sumita Ghose, a woman whose determination to empower the labourers of rural India during a very rough phase of her life, created a revolution. Another story of grit and passion is the story of a scientist, Harish Hande who was determined to bring light in the lives of labourers through solar lighting. And nonetheless the story of a young entrepreneur, Dhruv Lakra who employed and empowered specially abled people and made a difference. It takes you through a journey of many more such entrepreneurs leaving behind a mark on your heart, mind and soul.

Each story stands a testimony to the power of “one” single being's dream to make a difference to the nation that belonged to them. As Rashmi rightly says, " These stories say one thing loud and clear - change starts with one person could be someone next door".So while a typical middle class Indian is cribbing about the dirty streets, unemployment, pollution, lack of education and various other problems that are eating up our nation, the real Indians are out there getting their hands dirty and contributing their bit to the society. The society that is made up of you and me. And such real "HEROES" make the society worth living.

While I was reading the book, with every page that I turned, I was left wondering about one thing. Who are these people? The answer was straight, they are simple, humble beings like you and me. Yet they are different. They are different in their thoughts, actions and goals. While today's youth is running a race to make it to the corporate ladder, these dreamers, dreamt out of the box. They took the road less travelled.

If you are looking for a book that will change your thought process , “I have a dream” is the right pick. It is one of those rare gems that shines occasionally in your eyes and in your thoughts.