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Friday, November 8, 2013

An Account of 5 years!

As I comfortably cuddle up inside my blanket in this wintry November night, thousands of random thoughts run through my mind. There is something about November that makes me nostalgic. Mind is a potent tool, isn’t it? Within moments I find myself dressed as the bride standing alongside R. I count my blessings, smile and we take vows. Life changes, forever. A smile runs through my face, tinkles me and makes its way in to my heart. Five years, already? I ask myself again. Our wedding picture on my study table with the date clearly mentioned on it, confirms. Yes, five years of Marital Bliss…..Five years of countless moments of love, laughter and absolute insanity. Today, as I take stock of these five years that just flew by, I shuffle the memory bank inside my mind, revisit and re-revisit several moments again. And as soon as I open my heart, several warm and beautiful memories find their way out, fluttering around me and playing those moments like a lovely movie in front of my eyes. I am glued to them and find myself reminiscing over them again and again and again….

Five years…..Five lovely moments…..Five stories…. R and K, together, forever.

1. Masala Dosa Vs Pav Bhaji - 2009
R: Let us eat dinner outside today. No cooking at home. He announced proudly.
K: Yes of course. Let’s eat Masala Dosa, K suggested.
R: Masala Dosa? His expression changed. All my bachelor life I have survived on Masala Dosa, not anymore. Let us have Pav Bhaji instead, he proposed.
K: you must be kidding. I come from Bombay, the land of Pav bhaji. This is South India, not Bombay. When in Rome, do the romans. So when in South, do the dosa’s, I charge.
R: Yes, I know but I don’t want to eat Masala Dosa at all. So let us do this. You eat Masala Dosa and I eat Pav Bhaji, what say? He beamed anticipating victory.
K: Frowning.
R: Confused. This was the first time he came across a woman throwing tantrums.
K: Alright…whatever you say…But where there is love, people eat Masala Dosa for each other. K proclaimed like a Love Guru.
R: ey? Who said that? Where did love come here in the first place?
K: Well it did….tears rolled down K’s cheeks.
R: Okay, we will eat Masala Dosa. Happy?
You can imagine K doing a hi-five to herself in her mind and throwing an imaginary fist in the air. This was the first argument in her marital life and she had won it, with ease. Well, R in his mind was still confused about love finding its way through Masala Dosa and Pav Bhaji.
Ah, and all you lovely friends out there, don’t worry about what happened later. R and K feasted on delicious Masala Dosa’s with Pav bhaji stuffing inside. They serve this in MTR, the famous place for all the Dosa cravings in Bangalore.

2. The Golden Bride - 2010
R and K had just shifted in this new house in a plush locality of Bangalore. It was a humble home, good enough for a childless couple. K loved it because it had an open terrace in the front. She was quite new to this “independent house concept” of Bangalore. All her life she thought a home meant a flat in a huge complex of the ever crowded city of Bombay. Though the house was beautiful, there was something annoying about it. It was a pesky neighborhood aunty whose favorite thing to do was ask people really personal and annoying questions.
K: R, this X aunty meets me every day when I return from office and asks annoying questions.
R: ignore her and she’ll get the message.
K: No you don’t get it. If I don’t answer she thinks I am shy and repeats her question the next day.
R: Okay, what does she ask?
K: she asks personal questions like when are we having babies? How much do I earn? How much you earn? and how much my father earns? etc etc etc. But today she crossed all limits. She wanted to know how many kilograms of gold my father has gifted you as a dowry.
R: Really? Darn. She gets really up, close, & personal with you. R smirked.
K: I am going to tell her that dowry is an offence and that even she shouldn’t support it. K suggested
R: No, don’t. Just do as I say, R winked.
The next evening when K saw the aunty standing at the gate, K smiled inside. She had it from me, K whispered to herself.
K: Hi Aunty. My father gave 50 kgs of gold to my husband. Within two years it has increased to 52 kgs. And with the way my husband is pampering gold with pizzas and ice-creams it will surely cross 55 kgs this year. K said, without any discomfiture.
Well R and K lived in that house for some more time before moving in to their new apartment. But the pesky aunty never bothered them again.

P.S.: Gold is 65 kgs as on today. J

3. Cheap Tricks and the Hired Crow – 2011
Before I let you know of the cheap tricks, let me help you with some background. R has really nice long locks and he treasures them. Since he has quite curly locks, he spends thousands to get them ironed out and another set of thousands to maintain them. To be honest with you, I sometimes envy his hair. It has got that perfect luster, strength and grace. But that’s not the point. The point is that after every ironing session of horribly boring 5 hours, he doesn’t let anyone touch his hair for a week, at least. Not even his wife and that’s quite annoying at times.
R: Straight out of the ironing session moved his hands carefully through his hair. So, how does it look K?
K: Lovely, as ever. Can I touch it please? I love doing that. K exclaimed.
R: Naa…not today…may be a week later. Right now I need to be careful.
K: Yeah but I just want to run my fingers through it, K explains.
R: Cheap tricks ey, K? R winks.
K: very funny…K frowns. And 3 years of living together gave no room for any emotional atyaachar either. So K gave up.
As K and R walked outside the salon towards their car, several people ogled at R. Some were envious of his locks, some were amazed and some were just impressed. But K was indifferent. As soon as they got inside the car, K burst into an unstoppable bout of laughter. She laughed so much that tears welled up in her eyes. R was stunned. He knew that K had her episodes of maniacism (as he called it), but this was the first time in public.
K: Let me help you. I shall clean it for you. K removed a tissue from the tissue box and leaned towards R’s shiny locks while simultaneously trying to control her laughter.
R: These tricks won’t work on me anymore, K, R winked again.
K: yeah Mr. James Bond. My tricks don’t work on you anymore, thus I hired a crow and he has quite nicely pooped on your freshly ironed hair. And K burst in to another bout of unstoppable laughter. As R promptly looked at himself in the rear view mirror he too couldn’t help but laugh at this episode.

Well, since then K & R often laugh at this incident. And yes, K and only K has been issued the license to run her fingers through R’s hair just after he has burnt thousands on them in a plush salon of Bangalore.

4. A little shying – 2012
R: when your parents come to see us this year we will visit Ramanshree California Resort again, what say?
K: WOW! That’s a wonderful idea. Let’s visit it on 5th itself. I added.
R: Okay.
5th July is when R and K got engaged and this day held special importance in their life. And the resort where they exchanged the rings had lovely memories of this event. Hence whenever an opportunity arrived to visit the place, R and K grabbed it with both hands.
 As planned, R and K visited Ramanashree California Resort on 5th July 2012 along with K’s parents. They relished the yummy food, walked in the lawn for some time, and shared many peals of laughter.
K’s mother: K, I have never seen you shying like newlywed brides do. K’s mother teased her.
K: I am no more a newlywed bride Maa, K replied.
K’s mother: I know but I have never seen my daughter as a shy girl ever. Not even during her wedding, Sigh!
K: Hmmm, well it’s better late than never. K smiled. She walked up to a tree in the lawn and gestured her mother & R to join her. She then stood like a shying girl in black and white movies and R somehow managed to control his laughter. The moment was captured by K’s mother in the form of a picture though R still thinks that K looked amazingly funny and laughs like a maniac every time he even thinks about it.
Often when the entire family comes together, the picture becomes a hot topic of discussion.

5. The Best proposal – 2013
K: R, it feels like yesterday that we fell in love, isn’t it?
R: Yes. I still can’t believe we have walked together for almost five years now.
K: I treasure this journey. You are the best husband ever.
R: Right back at you girl.
K: But R, you never formally proposed me, K said playfully
R: Of course I did. That’s when you said “Yes” and we got married. Isn’t it?
K: yeah, but you never went on your knees and opened up a ring box, like how they do in movies.
R: hmmmm, well as you say, I don’t have a romantic bone. R smiled mischievously and the conversation ended.
But then it had only ended for K. The conversation was still alive inside him. R along with K’s mother planned a wonderful surprise for her. On 5th July 2013 as K was gearing up for a small celebration, she was made to stand in the center of her living room with her eyes closed. And after a few moments as she opened her eyes, she found a tall, dusky, handsome man with long locks on his knees, holding a small, beautiful ring in his hand.
R: Will you marry me, K? I am head over heels for you.
K’s heart was filled with warmth and she smiled ear to ear. The dimples on her cheeks expressed the extent of joy she felt within her.
Without a moment of hesitation, she said, YES, YES, forever YES.

It is through these moments of absolute maniacism and giggles that we have found love. These moments kept us going through the trying times of our lives. It certainly feels like yesterday when on the 9th of November, R said I do, and I echoed, I do too!

Happy Anniversary "R". When I count my blessings, I count you twice...or may be a hundred thousand times.