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Sunday, August 3, 2008

When Love Strikes!!

Today when I sit to write I just wonder how life has its own twists and turns and how the presence of that someone special makes this journey of life worth. Life changes to its core and one ends up smiling for no reason. Even in the crowd, one finds solace and noise doesn’t seem to bother anymore. Blood rushes all the time to the brain forcing it to think about that special person, everything he does and he doesn’t. You start liking things once upon a time you detested the most and the simplest of thing on this phase of earth seems the most beautiful. There is this sweet melody that plays al the time in your ears and even the ruthless of the word seems the sweetest.

You stop cribbing about life and enjoy every bit of it. The feeling of belonging to that special someone is itself so out of the ordinary. You dress up the most striking way and stand hours and hours in front of that little mirror in your room. You don’t grumble about getting drenched in the rain neither do you grumble about the scorching heat of the sun above. Suddenly the air seems cooler and fresher than before. The fragrance of the perfume seems to be filling the air around you and everything seems so so perfect. You go out of your way to be extra good to people and everybody notices this change in your being. Habits change and sleep disappears. Heart starts beating with thrice its speed and romantic songs suddenly replace those party numbers. Such strange yet wonderful feeling is LOVE. And Falling in love with the right person makes it all the more wonderful. The best part is, there are no rules to follow, love follows you.

Such a beautiful form of a feeling bestowed upon us by HIM. It fills your life with smiles and your special someone becomes a part of your prayer. You fear losing your love and treasure his / her presence in your life. This union, so special, so rare. Stars keep twinkling in your eyes and you weave dreams of a blissful life together.

The love of my life once said, “ There is no Policy for love, Love is above all ” And know what? I firmly believe it!!