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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It was just yesterday that I was reading an article by a friend of mine about his sister who got married recently.How much is he missing her...I was amazed at the way he expressed himself. I often hear my younger brother saying, I love u didi, meri chotti si beti ( he says that when he needs some cash!! ) etc etc...This article made me think how life changes when your siblings become a part of your life. But we all speak about how special sisters are and how they bring love and happiness in our life...... but never read how special a small and loving brother is( nope!! I m not getting into the gender discussion). I would love to speak about my brother who actually changed my life and I got my bestest friend in him.

'Chinku' as I call him came in my life when I was just 6 years old.Longing for a small little brother , one fine day we were told that a small little baby is soon going to be a part of our family........ Our joys knew no bound!! Yippie!! someone would call me didi now and would listen to all that I say.Everyday me and my didi would pray to God, Please "humko Bhai dena".And there came 15th Feb ( thats my chinkus birthday ), Mom was in the hospital with some complications and everybody around was tensed. I kept on asking my dad, Doctor bhaiya kab dega????...Time was passing very slow and I was all set to meet this new member and there came my dad, I heard him say,Its a boy!! Thats all I wanted..Me and didi ran to see him and after much request we were allowed to enter a ward where we saw this infant crying and wrapped in a small piece of cloth. He was my brother, just mine and I would not let anybody touch him....... was really possessive huh!!

He was brought home after 5 days and as per moms instructions we were not supposed to touch him without washing our hands. Me and didi would hate going to school , leaving him at home. Time passed by and he grew up. I still remember he couldn't pronounce my name and would call me, khuchu didi...I loved it. We always bonded well with each other .I would fight with children so that my chinku gets to bat first , we would eat chocolates together without telling mom , fight like cats and dogs and then end up saying sorry!! I could remember that he was afraid of school and teachers and i used to tell him all good things about school, the picnic and chocolates, celebration and competition. He would understand nothing but knew that school was not as bad as he thought. Children go to school at 3 , my chinku went at 4.He was the only boy who gave his Kindergarten interview in hindi...hehehehe!! Tore a 50 Rupee note at the age of 3 and when asked about it by dad , replied with innocence , Its just 50 Rupees and not Gandhiji ( meaning 500 Rupee note ). Had left home without telling anyone at the age of 3 and came back home after half an hour just because he wanted to pee....Would make me do his art home work and also would tell me to zip my mouth about it as it was supposed to be a secret!!

I can write endlessly about his stories and fun that we have together. Today at the age of 18 behaves like an elder brother and tries to do all that he can to keep me happy. Wants me to get married and go ( so that he doesn't have to share the room with me ) and keeps on missing me when am not around. Doesn't go shopping alone and drags me with him to buy his stuff ( though I have no say in anything and have to like all that he buys ).Writes blogs on what a bad cook I am and how he manages to survive after eating it. That how miser I am to not lend him money when he needs it...Gifts me a beautiful gift on rakhi and then takes it back after 2 days just because we had a fight as to whom does mom love more, me or him?? Gives me a tight hug and says I Love U Di for some 10, 000 times when he needs cash to spend on his friends. Discusses every bit of his life with me and is always ready to listen mine.Would always crack jokes and make everybody laugh.. during my tough times he was always there to support me , and would tel me, "Di main sab kuch thik kar doonga!!

But at the end of the day I love him a lot. Life changed completely after he entered my life and Me and Di became more responsible and indeed he added joys to our life. I do not need to find a friend for myself because He is the best buddy for me, always there to stand besides me.I wish his life is full of Happiness and success....Just like he brings smiles to others, may he always smile!!

Come Back!!!

Its a deep dark night, I have lost my way
I was holding your hand, I was holding you tight
You left me mid way , and it is all dark
I am all alone, finding my way back
Come back , look behind,
Am here.... Come hold my hand
and take me with you to your land!! Will you??
I cant breath , I cant see
All I can do is hear lonliness creeping in
Deep inside me , making me breathless
I can hear your words , as dried leaves fly with air ,
You promised you wont leave,
You promised you will be there
Come back , look behind ,
Am here.... Come hold my hand
I think there is a sun , but it has no light
the night doesnt seem to end
and so does my plight
I m crying in pain and I look for you around!!
Is that you will never come back?
Is that am all out from your heart?
oh!! my heart bleeds if I ask it forget you
oh!! it cries and weeps!!
Come back , look behind ,
I m breathless...... and I m closing my eyes
because though there is light and day
the world seems dark without you!!!!!!!


I need you to be around me ,
I need you to be there,
Is there no reason to love me?
Is there no reason to care???
I promised to be true
And always to be just
I did not betray people
I never broke your trust
I gave a helping hand
To all those in pain
You told me to be selfless
And never think of gain
I did not steal or rob
I did what you said
I toiled all day hard
I earned my own bread
I gave all my love
To all your people around
But you still strayed me
Lonely on this ground
So tell me now oh! You
You God up above
Have you forgotten me
And have forgotten to love???
I am dying in loneliness
All in pain and grief
I am sad that I had faith in you
In you I had belief!!
I was always with you
I always loved you
But your faith in me
Was just like dew
It failed when put to test
And you spoke all you did
You did it for the rest
And all those in need

But in little pain and grief
You started blaming me
You did not have belief
And stayed away from me
Those who serve my people
They never say it loud
They serve them in my name
And are silent in the crowd
They know I am with them
And I live in their heart
Their faith never shatters
And ways never part
Jesus!! My only son
On cross he had died
Still he loved me
But he never cried
And that’s when he resurrected
And came back to life
He had faith in me
Though he had all the strife
Oh my dear man
I always put to test
And you should smile and say
God, You know the best!!
Alas!! I wanted to help you
But you went far away
Dark nights that you saw
Had a bright hidden day……