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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Come Back!!!

Its a deep dark night, I have lost my way
I was holding your hand, I was holding you tight
You left me mid way , and it is all dark
I am all alone, finding my way back
Come back , look behind,
Am here.... Come hold my hand
and take me with you to your land!! Will you??
I cant breath , I cant see
All I can do is hear lonliness creeping in
Deep inside me , making me breathless
I can hear your words , as dried leaves fly with air ,
You promised you wont leave,
You promised you will be there
Come back , look behind ,
Am here.... Come hold my hand
I think there is a sun , but it has no light
the night doesnt seem to end
and so does my plight
I m crying in pain and I look for you around!!
Is that you will never come back?
Is that am all out from your heart?
oh!! my heart bleeds if I ask it forget you
oh!! it cries and weeps!!
Come back , look behind ,
I m breathless...... and I m closing my eyes
because though there is light and day
the world seems dark without you!!!!!!!

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