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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I need you to be around me ,
I need you to be there,
Is there no reason to love me?
Is there no reason to care???
I promised to be true
And always to be just
I did not betray people
I never broke your trust
I gave a helping hand
To all those in pain
You told me to be selfless
And never think of gain
I did not steal or rob
I did what you said
I toiled all day hard
I earned my own bread
I gave all my love
To all your people around
But you still strayed me
Lonely on this ground
So tell me now oh! You
You God up above
Have you forgotten me
And have forgotten to love???
I am dying in loneliness
All in pain and grief
I am sad that I had faith in you
In you I had belief!!
I was always with you
I always loved you
But your faith in me
Was just like dew
It failed when put to test
And you spoke all you did
You did it for the rest
And all those in need

But in little pain and grief
You started blaming me
You did not have belief
And stayed away from me
Those who serve my people
They never say it loud
They serve them in my name
And are silent in the crowd
They know I am with them
And I live in their heart
Their faith never shatters
And ways never part
Jesus!! My only son
On cross he had died
Still he loved me
But he never cried
And that’s when he resurrected
And came back to life
He had faith in me
Though he had all the strife
Oh my dear man
I always put to test
And you should smile and say
God, You know the best!!
Alas!! I wanted to help you
But you went far away
Dark nights that you saw
Had a bright hidden day……

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