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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hum Jeet Gaye!!!!

It seems life always makes me think and ponder over questions which even Einstein would find difficult to answer. As a kid I would always embarrass my mother asking her questions which had no rationale and as my mom still says , “Tumhare sawaalon ka koi sar pair nahin hota”_,meaning my questions are just NONSENSE and its impossible to answer them in a YES or NO!!! Here comes another question from my brain cells, and I just hope I find an answer for this.

Yesterday I started my day as usual ( the rush rush to reach office on time ) and was listening to FM ( my favourite pass time in my local train ). I just heard a discussion over how sensitive Bombay is as far as religion or linguistic barriers are concerned. This discussion just vibrated the grey matter in my brain and my mind started running with triple the speed it always does. My brain tried to find answers and in return ended up with 10 more questions. Why do we call ourselves Democratic?? Are we still a developing country because we fail to recognize people as human and divide ourselves??? Thinking so I reached office and just forgot about these questions in the midst of the files and papers ( Yes, other than troubling people with my questions , I also work sometimes!!).

The day passed and it was 4 in the evening, I was tired and my mind needed rest.
I turned around to see and found that all my colleagues were focused at one point on the projector screen. I tried to see and found that it was the cricket match between India – Australia which was projected on the screen. Oh!! How could I forget it??? It was India playing against Australia!! I joined my colleagues in cheering for India to win. And we all were actually praying so that India wins the match ( Isn’t Cricket a religion In India? ). And just then I looked at my colleagues, all young and energetic, discussing on how Boys in Blue should play to win. I found no religious or linguistic barrier could stop them from being one and praying for India to win. They didn’t bother whether the player belongs to their religion or speaks their dialect. I colud see different colors of India , glorifying in front of me. I could see all possible directions ( NORTH , EAST , WEST , SOUTH ) focused on one direction, The country, India!!!

Was this the answer to my question??? I hammered my brain all through my journey to office and found my answer right there!! We are not divided. The young blood joins hands and believes in standing together for the country!! And Thinking about all this I just had a look at the screen and their I saw , Indian team was roaring with victory!!

Yes !! India had won the match and proved to everyone that in our diversity lies our strength. We are not bound to any state or dialect or religion, we are least bothered to know about the boundaries of one state because we know rivers have no boundaries and so does air!!! Our team played as team and all of us inhale the same spirit….Don’t we?? WE BREATH HUMANITY!!!

I came back to my desk smiling and my colleague called out my name and said , “HUM JEET GAYE!!! I smiled and said, HAAN!!! HUM JEET GAYE!!!

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