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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


One day I shall seek THEE,

To obtain answers,

I shall walk thy path,

To know what it means to be.

I shall ask,

If you were the witness,

Of the torment and turmoil,

My feeble body went through,

the one carved by you?

I shall ask,

If you ever heard,

The cries of my little chords,

And the screams of my heart,

When in hope, I called out to you?

I shall ask,

If you did feel,

The pain of my numb cells,

The death in every breath,

And then the desire to give up?

I shall ask,

If you ever tasted,

The grief as my creator,

and the anguish to destroy,

The one who killed me?

Perhaps, Thou shall then,

Turn your forlorn face,

On this shabby mug,

And the battered soul of mine.

O Creator of the world,

Yet, I shall seek Thee,

To ask your mighty being,

Did you ever love me?

Thou created the filthy world,

And thou too created me,

Yet I felt lost and hurt,

Ain’t I a part of Thee?

I was frail and fragile,

As gentle as I can be,

Why did you not then,

Guard me from the beast?

I am a tiny speck of dust,

And to dust I shall flee,

Yet my lovely God of Gods,

Yours and yours I shall be.

As a tribute to all the little defenseless daughters who have lost their lives to the brutalities of mankind/beast kind.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


“Do you like green color?” The voice on the other end asked. “Yes, I replied, I love all dark, bright and vibrant colors”. “Ok”, came a prompt reply. The conversation ended and I completely forgot about the “green color”. Yesterday she called up again. “When does the courier guy come to your office?” I could sense a lot of impatience in her voice. “He will come in the noon. Why?” I answered with a question. “Nothing”, she said and hung up. After an hour she called up again, “Has the courier guy come?” “Not yet” I answered again. Why? She inquired like a child waiting for a surprise. “It will come in sometime, I will let you know”. She again replied with a usual “OK “and it sounded so sad. By now I could smell a fish. I immediately questioned her, “Have you sent something?” And the answer to this was a child like giggle on the other end. “Yes”, she replied. “Hmmm……I paused... well let me check and call you”. I hung up.

The courier guy was in by now and he was holding a courier for me. The security guard carefully handed it over to me. “Madam, aapke liye hai”, he said. I smiled and took it. I did not have the patience
to reach my desk and open it. I began un-wrapping it right at the reception counter blocking
way for so many employees. Was I bothered? Naaa .. I cautiously un-wrapped the gift and out
came a beautiful looking Journal. It had a “GREEN COVER” on which a loved one had very beautifully embroidered “MAD ME” (for all those who don’t know, “MAD ME” is the name of my diary where I open my heart everyday). I was so touched with this gesture. I opened the journal and found a love filled note on the first page. My smile spread from one ear to the other. I am the super expressive kinds, yet, yesterday I found no words to express my gratitude to this special person who had taken out time to make something so beautiful for me.

I had first met her when I joined this new organization some eight months back. She had big bright eyes, round cheeks and a child like grin that can make even a dead man smile. “Girija Shetty”, she introduced
herself. “Khushboo Singh”, I promptly replied. We spoke for sometime about work and some random
stuff. She works out of Belgaum while I am placed in Bangalore. So regular meetings were not possible,
yet we would often speak on phone (thanks to our team meetings). Slowly and steadily we started
getting close. Honestly I didn’t realize when I started calling her “Giri” and found that her mails often addressed me as “Khushi”. When did this transition take place? Only God knows. But as we grew together, we realized we were so similar yet so different. We shared our interest towards arts, crafts, writing, reading, cooking( baking ), trekking, travelling and chatting.

Yet we are different and I believe that is what makes our friendship so unique and so beautiful. As
mentioned in my previous posts, I am this impulsive woman, whereas Giri is this grounded and patient
girl. She has been a constant support for me while I was still settling in the new system. We often call
each other to share a joke and laugh together. We also share all the difficult situations we encounter
in our everyday lives and the solutions towards them. There are certain times when share the woes of
being an “HR” . Well, the best part about her is that she is an optimist from head to toe. She always
helps us look at the brighter side of the picture. And with her “looking beyond” attitude the team has
achieved a lot. She is upright honest about everything and that makes her all the more special. There is
no fake mask to unveil. She is as she is, humble yet assertive.

I have always wondered why do I find some people so beautiful and lovable? They quietly walk in to
my life and build a place in my heart. I have no answer to this and I am sure I will never have. Giri calls
herself “small” but she doesn’t know that she has a heart that’s large enough to love millions like me out

Giri, the “MAD ME” means so much to me. It will always remind me of the madness that we have shared. It is also a reminder of the giggles that has added joy to our lives. Those insane ideas that have travelled to and fro through this beautiful invention called the “telephone”. It is a symbol of the love and care I have received from you. Every time I will open the journal to scribble my thoughts, I will remember to look at the world with a different perspective, the perspective that was introduced to me by you. And please note: the Journal is as beautiful as you are.

That’s about "MAD ME"… and about two mad friends who are so far yet so close!!