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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random Thought - Marriage!!

Marriages are made in heaven and these love birds are brought together on earth. Some people also define marriage as an institution of life (of course because it teaches you lots about life). Many call it a bond between 2 souls. Well definitions could be many and marriage could mean different to different people. But whatever one says, almost every human being on this phase of earth has to go through this period of the makeover from “Being Single” to “Being Hooked, Booked and in some cases Cooked”.

The concept of marriage entices me a lot. I believe it has something to do with the joy and pomp, the colors or plain and simple the feeling of falling in love. Be it a “Love Marriage” or an “Arranged Marriage”, love forms the foundation of any marriage. Be it before or after, love gradually transforms the two different people in the relationship in to one. They may call it two bodies and one soul. Lovely and mesmerizing. But the thing that attracts me the most is the entire process of meeting that one person you want to spend your life with and then go through a series of events to finally fall in your spouse’s arm. For an Indian wedding, the wait is too long (I guess it is my experience talking).

After the wedding, the real journey begins. You walk hand in hand with someone who was once a complete stranger to you. Suddenly this stranger becomes the most important part of your life (No wonder marriages are made in heaven). Now you have to share your life with him/her. It is not easy at all. But what makes it fun is the fact that you have so much to discover about each other. Every day becomes a learning day. You are introduced to unknown adjectives such as endurance, tolerance, acceptance and selflessness. These were never ever a part of your dictionary. But along with these you also befriend care, love, companionship and a faith that whenever you fall there will always be a hand to lift you up.

I was once chatting with a friend about the concept of marriage and the after effects and she said, “I am happy to have disagreements with my husband. That only shows we give each other the liberty to express our views openly and we love each other enough to accept them. Obviously we don’t marry our clones, do we?” I believe she was right. It is this disagreement that opens forums for exchange of thoughts and ideas and help both the partners evolve as better human beings. Personally, it has taught me many things.

For many cases, people believe that they have married “Perfect Human” who for all reasons unknown will act and do things exactly the way they thought or dreamt of. When things don’t shape up the way they want, they start judging their marriage. However, they fail to understand that they themselves are not “Perfect Creatures”. What any marriage needs is the time to evolve and what every spouse needs is the assurance that the better half is with him/ her forever (in any adversity).

There is nothing called as a successful marriage/ an unsuccessful marriage. It is simple, the former is abundant in unconditional love and understanding, and the latter lacks it. My grandfather and grandmother ( Nanaji and Naniji) have spent more than 7 decades together and for all that I have seen over the past 26 years, I have seen only love. And the fact that they have grown together from a simple couple to proud parents and then grandparents, itself displays the endurance they must have portrayed with each other to have a life that many of us can only boast of.

I really don’t know much about this institution, I am not a veteran. But after having spent 2 years, I have learnt and grown as a person. And with the love that my better half has given me, I am all set to spend another 200 years with him.The best part about marriage is sharing yourself with someone you love.Such is this bond and such is Love.