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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


One day I shall seek THEE,

To obtain answers,

I shall walk thy path,

To know what it means to be.

I shall ask,

If you were the witness,

Of the torment and turmoil,

My feeble body went through,

the one carved by you?

I shall ask,

If you ever heard,

The cries of my little chords,

And the screams of my heart,

When in hope, I called out to you?

I shall ask,

If you did feel,

The pain of my numb cells,

The death in every breath,

And then the desire to give up?

I shall ask,

If you ever tasted,

The grief as my creator,

and the anguish to destroy,

The one who killed me?

Perhaps, Thou shall then,

Turn your forlorn face,

On this shabby mug,

And the battered soul of mine.

O Creator of the world,

Yet, I shall seek Thee,

To ask your mighty being,

Did you ever love me?

Thou created the filthy world,

And thou too created me,

Yet I felt lost and hurt,

Ain’t I a part of Thee?

I was frail and fragile,

As gentle as I can be,

Why did you not then,

Guard me from the beast?

I am a tiny speck of dust,

And to dust I shall flee,

Yet my lovely God of Gods,

Yours and yours I shall be.

As a tribute to all the little defenseless daughters who have lost their lives to the brutalities of mankind/beast kind.

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Unknown said...

very beautiful !!!