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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yes I have Learnt!!!!

Time has taught me……

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From a shattered relation

And a broken heart

I have learnt love has no value

And materialism rules

Time has taught me ….

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From tears in the eyes

Pain in the heart

I have learnt to be strong

Because weak are dumped

Time has taught me …..

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From smiles on the face

And hatred in the heart

I have learnt to be dual

Because affection fails

Time has taught me….

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From living for someone

And betrayed by the same

I have learnt to have no faith

Because faith is broken

Time has taught me….

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From standing by the truth

And see falsehood winning

I have learnt to lie

Because truth always loses

Time has taught me…

Yes I have learnt!!!!

From seeing relations lived

And seeing them shatter

I have learnt that life flows

And never stops for anyone

Time has taught me…..

Yes I have learnt!!!!


Santosh said...

It was a good one.But,life is like that only.And yet thats only a partial truth.thats mean half lie!
So the other better half is-Life is beautiful.Enjoy it.Like an optimist.

sushil4u said...

superb... like ur way to put ur thoughts...

phoenix said...

some one might have searched for you all these years till he felt he cant find you, he looked for your face in the crowd, he asked his friends but of no use still he repents for what he did and shed tears for his infidelity. he always wanted to beg for your forgiveness that only Almighty can give him...may god provide you all the goodness and blessings...bjo