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Friday, April 8, 2011


I had to write. I had to pull out my thoughts and pen it down. If I don’t write it today, I better not write it ever. This is what I thought on my way home, after work. As a 26 - year old, I felt ashamed of myself at one point. Did we need a 72 - year old man to start this fight for us? What were we doing till now? A nation where half of its population comprises of people between the ages of 20-35, did nothing but support corruption. We couldn’t defeat the enemy, so we joined them. What a Shame!!

But as they say, it is never too late to mend. I am glad, the time has come. It is Now or NEVER. India, mend it now or live with it, forever. A man is fighting for us, so that you, I and our generations to come can enjoy a corruption-free, healthy Democracy. If we can come together to celebrate the joy of World Cup and look forward to an exciting IPL, we can definitely join hands to bring justice to us.

This fight against corruption is for you, for me and for every Indian. All of us at some point in time have been victimized. We have bribed, cribbed, raved and cried. Then, we gave up. We thought one man can’t change the system alone. But then, if one man wants to change it, can’t we walk with him? Why should we let go of people (thankfully, I term them as people) ,who swallow down our hard earned money (the taxes that we pay), and do not even burp after it? If the government can question me on my tax liability, why can’t I as a citizen of India, question the government back? These dacoits are looting us and are easily getting away with it

I urge my fellow citizens to wake up. “Abhi nahin to Kabhi nahin”. Let us not give up. Support Anna Saheb in this fight for a corruption-free India. All of us can do our bit and support this cause. If we can roar together to lift the World Cup, lets roar again, only this time to lift our Democracy up. When billions of Indians will call together, the deafest of the deaf will hear it, loud and clear.

If a man thrice of our age can do it, why can’t you and I?

Anna Saheb, I am with you!!

Jai Hind!!


Shreyasi Majumdar (Twinky) said...

absolutely spot on! loved the piece!

khushi said...

Thanks Twinks!!!

Yogesh Pandey said...

Breathtaking and absolutely to the point, without an iota of exaggeration!

We are all together in this to win this War!

Ananya said...

We are with Anna.. i salute him for taking this step. And whats more there are indians in USA keeping a days fast. So I guess all is not lost for todays generation!