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Friday, September 9, 2011

For my Mother!!!

When long long ago,
Nothing did man know.
Neither light nor dark,
Lived on trees and wore the bark.

He ate only flesh,
And fruits so fresh.
He drank only water,
And little did he bother.

There was no house,
No kids no spouse.
he dwelled in a cave,
And fought so brave.

Yet there was something,
To light that I bring.
Something that has no change,
And I find it no strange.

There was a warm arm,
And a smile so calm.
A womb so small,
Yet which held it all.

A woman so sweet,
The first face to meet.
The embrace so tight,
A grin so bright.

Today we have the lot,
Nothing that we do not,
Something is still the same,
A woman with a name.

The same tight embrace,
The same serene face.
The same little kiss,
The same eternal bliss.

From stone age then,
To cyber age men.
She stands honest,
Human at its best.

You call her Amma or Ammi,
Maybe, Maa or Mummy.
Well, She is no other,
She is your darling Mother.


Ananya said...

Great! I am sure auntyji will love it :)

Rakesh said...

beautiful poem.. keep it up..!!