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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My First Valentine!!

I don’t remember when,
With you I first fell in love,
It must be when you hugged me
And thanked up above.

You showed me the world,
On your shoulders all around,
I felt so blessed and gay
With your love so abound.

I walked my first step,
And mumbled my first sound,
You held my tiny hands,
And saw me play around.

I slowly then grew up
And walked my path alone
You still stood with me
And never made it known.

I made poor mistakes,
And argued all along,
You taught me the lesson,
And kept it going strong.

I was the dream of your eye,
And the grin on your face,
The thought in your mind,
Bestowed with HIS grace.

I then fell in love,
With a man I never knew
I still held your hand,
And I always wish to.

You were the only man I knew
And the only man I loved.
I was your tiny daughter
And the woman so beloved.

I have now moved away,
Like a woman so grown,
I have paved my own road,
Through some mud and a stone.

Yes, I am so content
With all that I own,
Yet my lovely father,
For your caress I moan.

There is no man like you,
And no affection like yours,
Let’s toddle together again,
Through the sand and the shores.

I will always love you dad,
With all the strength and heart of mine,
I will always be your daughter,
Dad, you were and will always be, “MY FIRST VALENTINE”