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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Super SIX

“So, do you like reading, R?” I typed anticipating a YES
“YES, I do.” Came a prompt reply
“Oh! Wow! Me too… I love fiction, love stories. How about you?” I typed again
“Well, I like sci-fi and books that give us a glimpse of the universe, our galaxy, and the many stars.” He typed.
Stars, really? He is such a nerd, I thought to myself. I imagined him wearing big glasses with a square shaped frame. His hair oiled till the end of every follicle and neatly combed. I also imagined him with braces on his teeth.
“So you like all this aliens and spaceship stuff, huh?” I wrote again.
“Well, Yes K. I have loved reading about it since my childhood. Do you like such stuff?” He asked this time sensing my discomfort with this genre.
“Ah! Not really, but you never know, I may like it, if I ever read it!” I tried to be as polite as possible.

This was one of the initial chats I had with him. Soon after this the duration of our chats increased exponentially. But the image of him being a nerd stayed in my head for some time till our first meeting.
On a bright sunny day of July, I saw a tall, dusky man, with long locks, dimpled cheeks, a beautiful  smile, broad shoulders, a very sturdy frame, big bright eyes, and arms that could wrap a tiny being like me with utmost ease. His branded Tee, Jeans, and boots added to his charismatic personality. He was the exact opposite to the nerd who lived in my head. The stereotype in my head was shattered in to pieces. He walked towards me and swept me off my feet, well, literally.
That is the day I realized that the rest of my life will be spent shuttling between the Milky Way, the gym, and the branded showrooms. And that’s how it has been. Crazy indeed!

Wrong Dates - 2009
R: Happy birthday K, dhan tan dhan… your favourite black forest cake.
K: whose birthday is it today? (sarcasm)
R: Hun, you forgot your own birthday? I thought you were good with dates. You even remember the date when we first met.
K: Hun, you see my birthday was yesterday. You missed it by a day….anger and tears making their way out.
R: stunned, confused, and almost froze where he stood.
We celebrated the birthday on 10th instead of 9th after a certain amount of emotional atyachaar. JAnd since then R has saved all the important dates in his phone including the one when we first met. He has never missed a date since then.

Gifts – 2010
K: Happy Anniversary, R. Thank God you told me you wanted a phone. Its so difficult to choose a gadget.
R: Thanks K. It’s a wonderful one and Happy Anniversary to you too. Here’s your surprise gift.
K: what is it?
R: well, open and see. You will love it.
K:Really? Unwrapping the gift and then shocked. It’s a PEN DRIVE, R.
R: Nice, na? 8 GB….!!!!  
K: what am I going to do with it?
R: well, I agree. No worries, I can use it. Thanks K.
K: grumpy face.
After that I have been gifted a 16 GB pen drive, a DSLR camera, and many such gadgets. Smart man that he is!

The Gentleman – 2011
Kaku: R, I am very impressed. You open the car door for your wife. What a gentleman you are.
K: blushing and cheeks turning pink. R loves me so much Kaku.
R: Well, Kaku, she is lovely. But you see she bangs the car door every time she gets in and gets out of the car. Hence, to save the doors from getting slammed and broken this is my small attempt.
K: cheeks turning red in anger.
R still opens the door and closes it when I get in to our car for that matter any one’s car. Sigh!

 A fair chance -2012
K: (on the phone) You know what happened today, R? blah blah blah..bleh bleh bleh.
R: Okay….
K: and then blah blah blah, bleh bleh bleh
R: Hmmm…
K: R I am talking nonstop and all you are saying is Okay and Hmmm….
R: K, before I can even complete, you start from the other end, already. You have to give me a fair chance, babes.
K: Oooops!!
Since then I have started taking a 30 second pause after my paragraph ends to give R a fair chance to speak. J

Ek Cup Chai - 2013
R: come home early na, K. I will make chai for you.
K: Okay let me see.
Me getting home early to enjoy the evening chai with R.
K: You enjoy having chai with me don’t you?
R: Well, certainly K. It is your company that keeps me going. But honestly I love the constant entertainment of your nonstop blabbering during our chai times. Laughing loudly.
K: a little grumpy, a little happy.
Our chai times are still very entertaining.

The Scary Revenge – 2014
K: You said it is going to be a romantic movie. It was an action movie.
R: Didn’t you see, there was a love angle to it?
K: keeping quiet. After a few days… the scene was reversed.
R: It was not a horror movie, K. 
K: Of course it was R. In fact the name itself was “Bhoothnath Returns” J
Since then we have arrived on a compromise. No surprise movie tickets, please!

So as we complete 6 years of insanity, madness, fun, and togetherness, I still feel it’s a dream. I pinch myself every time and realize, No, it’s not. It is the most beautiful reality of my life.

Today we saw Interstellar and the movie very subtly sent out a message that love knows no dimensions. It is beyond any physical dimensions. It is a bond that exists beyond the physical dimensions of our lives.

Happy Wedding Anniversary R… Life is worth living only because you are a part of it.

Love and lots of love (beyond physical dimensions),

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Jagruti said...

Belated wishing you a very happy anniversary...

Going through ur post.. i went through my own journey of bondness with my R :) (Raiju)