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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Letter to my Mom!!

Dear Maa,

I obviously don’t remember the first time I spoke and what was it that I verbalized first. Though now I have mastered the art of talking and can babble on for hours together, without getting exhausted. I guess I got it from you, though I am your improvised version (that simply means I talk some 20,000 words more than you do: P). I remember dad telling me once, I first uttered “Mumma or Maa” or something like that and I have no reason to disagree to it. You were the first person I knew when I was born. You were the first face that I saw and the prettiest too when I opened my eyes to this world and its novelty. You still remember my first smile and the unending cries that only stopped when I slept. You must have stayed awake all night to be there with me, for me, as you always do. I have known you for 26 years now and you have known me for 26 years+ nine months. Today as you turn 53, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. I know you couldn’t talk much because you are with my Nani (your darling mom) and wanted to spend time with her. I understand Maa.I really do

 I have always been close to you (dad, you know I love you too). I have seen you through all the up’s and downs that life had to throw at you. I am the witness of your battles and your victory too. Yet, when I praise you why do you always say, it’s all Gods plan. I did nothing; he gave me the strength and the guidance too? I wonder how many of the so called beings would have this humility and attribute their deeds to HIM? Not many, I am sure. I believe every mom is special in her own way and every mom deserves to be one. For all obvious reasons, I feel you are the best mom in the world. I couldn’t have got anyone better than you. Who would understand me so well without me making an effort to do so? As a believer of the karmic philosophy, I know I have you because I am sure I must have done something good in the past. 

Maa, you know you play many roles in my life. You are my buddy when I wish to share or gossip (yes, I know you dislike gossiping), my divine guru when I seek help on matters that trouble me, my teacher when I have to learn to drape a saree (I still call you every time I have to wear one), my partner in crime when I am all set to play a prank and the best girlfriend when I need sympathy over my lost ear-ring or the broken vase ( look I can’t explain how things fall and break on their own). You remain the inseparable and the most beautiful part of my life. I have spent more than 24 years with you, in the same house and I know for a fact how difficult it must be for you. And especially, when most of the things I do and think are rot, unconventional and non sense. But who wants sense anyway, I love my daughter, you remember you said this once?

I really don’t know when I fell in love with you and your ways. I guess that must have been when I first inhaled the atmospheric oxygen in. I have disagreed to you almost every time and yet I am your best buddy, ain’t I? Bringing up 3 children, all different from each other must not have been easy for you, especially because you were a working woman. But Maa you did a great job. It’s not me who is saying this. You remember my senior colleague from the states who said exactly the same? Or let me put it in her words, “I am glad I met you Khushboo. I would love to meet your parents and congratulate them for bringing up such a strong and thoughtful daughter”. I hope somewhere that makes you and dad proud.And let me tell you, both of you are the best parents of this world.

I agree that I am biased towards you but that does not take away the fact that I adore you for what you are. You have made sacrifices for all of us in the family but you never boasted about it. You have always been selfless and never expected anything from anyone. I guess that is the reason that you are flourishing today and leading a happy life. I know you had your share of downs and it is because of your patience and perseverance that we made it till here. You never gave up and taught us the same. 
 Do you remember the way I cried when you refused to accompany me for my admission when I was a teenager? I was very upset but it is only now that I realize that it was for my good. Had you not let me drive on my own, I wouldn’t have become an independent and strong girl, the way I am today.

I remember you telling me once, If you manage to be honest to four people, you will always be honest with everyone-Mom, Dad, God and my own self. I have kept your words and you know it well. I strongly believe mothers are perfect and the only reason I believe this, is you. You are perfect in everything you do, in every thought and action. I know you will again attribute it to your spiritual inclination and your bond with babaji, but for me, it is you. It is you who has shown me and Rakesh the spiritual path that we tread on today. Only God has a heart to forgive everything and you have a similar heart. I am still learning from you, you know what I mean.

I can write pages about you, but something’s best unsaid. I already have tears in my eyes. And I know you have it too. See, I am so much like you. On your 53rd birthday on behalf of your 3 naughty children, I want to thank you for everything that you did for us. A thank you is nothing when I compare it to all that you have done and have been doing for us. But it is just a way to tell you that we love you. I wish to be like you, someday , and I know it is not that easy. But you taught me to keep trying.

Wish you a very happy birthday Maa!! May the year ahead be full of joy and smiles J

Your crazy daughter – Khushboo ( Khushi )

P.S. Please tell dad I love him alot and will write a letter for him too. He is the best father.

(As written on 29th Nov 2010)

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exlwithme1 said...

Dear Khushi,

Amazing draft which has encompassed most of your feeling for Aunty!!! Keep writing such lovely pieces and sure sooner you will shine amongst stars of Literary Galaxy!