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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday…. Mishti!!!

Today is a very special day for me and my beloved family. It’s 14th October, the day that brought us the best of all. Today is her birthday, my niece – Avyukta aka Mishti aka Mishto aka Shona aka laddoo aka MumMum aka Guddu and etc etc. I prefer to call her Guddu which I believe means a doll. Well she is indeed one. My Guddu turns 3 today and has started calling me Maasi maa (with the maa a little longish). I am extremely elated today and these expressions are straight out of my heart.
   Time passes so fast. I remember the peculiar smell of that hospital which filled up the corridor when I stepped in at around 9:30 am on 14th October 2007. She was born and already out. My dad and I were rushing towards the maternity ward when my brother-in- law gave us the best news on the greatest invention of mankind- the mobile phone. God bless the creator of mobile phones. There were some doctors nearby and the maternity ward was filled up with cute little baby pictures. As I walk past them I wondered if my niece would be the same, cute and sweet. Before my mind could jump on an answer, she was there,wrapped in a small piece of white linen cloth. Pink skinned delicate and big bright eyes. She was staring at almost everything around her and I guess was trying to figure out where exactly was she.
   I did not know how to react, but my heart did. I had tears in my eyes (women you know have the ability to cry at all times). I went ahead and took this fragile looking pink skinned angel in my arms and she smiled, slowly. I still don’t know what made her smile, but the fact that she did is good enough to boast that she loved me at first sight. I knew my prayers were answered and I had the most precious gift of god to me. I instantly named her Mishti- meaning sweets. And since then my doll has lived up to her name each day by growing sweeter and sweeter and sweeter. The joy of holding her in my arms is beyond expression. It can only be felt and not said. Each day since then has been a fulfilling experience.
   She was born in 2007, the year of many downs and little ups in my life. But the news of her arrival brought me- hope. I wanted to fight back, stand up for myself and overcome all odds. It wasn’t easy but I never thought of quitting. Whenever the feeling of being lost crept in, I knew what to think about. It was similar for everyone in my family. She came like a fresh breeze, a ray of light. She brought smiles back to me and my family. The happiness that had vanished somewhere filled up the place. The princess had arrived. I was promoted from a daughter, sister and a friend to Maasi. A Proud maasi.
  Since then I have seen my self grow in this relationship with one level to the other. Everyday Guddu teaches me new things. Sometimes a new tale, poetry, some rhymes or at times the trickiest lessons of life. She made me stronger as a person and brought the zeal. The recent promotion is that I have moved from Khuba Maasi to Maasi Maa. The latter sounds like the temple bells, comforting and soothing.  She is the apple of our eyes. On this special day I thank you Guddu for being the most special thing of our lives and for all the unconditional love that you bestow upon us.
Happy Birthday MumMum and Maasi maa loves you. God bless you!!

P.S. The picture above was taken when I held Guddu in my arms, the first time.

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Amruta said...

Hey..Thats really touchy!! I know how it feels..I am a masi myself..and about 2007 well I know it all..we met that time too!!! So happy three years anniversary of our friendship too!