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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life may not be just.... but it isn't that bad either

Life teaches you some lesson at every step and it's solely up to us whether to pick it up and treasure it as a learning or just shrug our shoulders and walk away from it. I am the kinds who would pick every thing that life has to throw on me, good ones to cherish and the not so good ones to learn. And the lesson that I learnt today would definitely top the list of my learnings forever.

It was just a routine day of my life. Hush hush in the morning for office, reaching with the never ending struggle in traffic and finally making it safe there. Planning the entire week, scheduling work etc etc and as usual the song that life is not just. I am the kinds who are a little more on the pessimistic plane as compared to its antonym. I wondered if life could get a little better than this. In the midst of this ocean of my daily saga popped up a thought that it was my colleagues' birthday and we had to make his day special by presenting him something that he would cherish. Another colleague of mine and I decided to go out and hunt for something really good.

The idea seemed interesting and we made sure it was implemented right on time. We boarded an auto – rickshaw (the only easy medium to commute) and since it would take around 20 mins , my colleague and I began to chat about all the difficult times that we had seen or the turbulence in our lives some or the other way. The driver I guess was listening to our conversation but his reaction went un-noticed by us as we were engrossed in our dialogue. Suddenly a painful and hoarse voice interrupted our chat and it was the driver. He said, "I am not sure if I should be saying this to you, but I need help. My 3 year old daughter is unwell and is admitted in the hospital. I have no one to help me and am trying to collect funds. Would it be possible for you to help me??" We were stunned and didn't know what to utter in the very next moment. The very fact that we are surrounded by people who choose to fib for some reason or the other, made it difficult for us to trust this man. But the tear in his eye was well noticed and we wanted to give him the benefit of doubt. My colleague extended some help and we reached our destination. While we were leaving I looked at him, a father who by all ways and means was struggling for every breath of his little daughter.

We finished our work and while our way back to office we felt silence between us. The thought of this incident kept on wobbling my brain. My mind was running in two directions. It could be that, we were conned and the fact that we are women it was easier for him to deceive us. But what if it was true????? What must a father be going through whose 3 year old daughter is in a hospital, wanting to live??? The helpless father who wants to be with his daughter but knows he has to earn every penny to bring his daughter back to health. And I realized all this while I was cursing my fate for petty issues but my life was far better when I looked around. People have bigger problems and they are still fighting, against fate.

This incident has definitely taught me a thing or two. One, that life is not meant to give up and sob in a corner, it is meant to stand up and look at its face, eye to eye with all the will and power. Come what may, don't ever quit. Second, parents are visible gods and the only ones who know what's best for us. They do all that they can for our well being. We are indebted to them and will always be.
All my prayers go out for the father and his beloved daughter.

Its true, If you feel miserable about anything in life, look around and am sure you will realise, "Life may not be just but it isn't that bad either".

(Written on 16th August 2010)

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