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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Little Orchid!!!

The Little Orchid!!!

I love flowers or be it anything that’s multicolored, has leaves or petals, photosynthesizes and rejuvenates. For me being in a garden with such beautiful creations of Him would be as good as enjoying the solace of heaven itself. There is this particular group of flora that I am very fond of or rather they are my most beloved– The orchids, so much so that in the past few years they have become real darlings for me and I have been gifting them to almost all of my friends (now the state is such that before I decide about getting a gift for a house warming my friends immediately pop up “no more orchids please”). But whatever it is Orchids have always been my choice.
Thus going with the same idea of lighting up any place with the exquisiteness of this delicate darling, I decided to present this to a very social place where it would brighten up the aura and bring smiles to peoples faces(don’t really want to disclose the place though). When I first bought it, the plant had tiny little buds; all set to bloom in to beautiful flowers, probably lavender or dark pink (can’t really understand the color). It looked pretty and I was more than excited to flaunt it to everyone. And as expected everyone loved the little buds and it became extremely popular among all. Every day I noticed people getting enchanted with its magnificent beauty and would often smile. I knew it would be loved and cared for. Days passed by and I basked in the glory of my Orchid.
One day when I was just passing by I noticed something very strange. The orchid was abandoned in one corner with no leaves on it, the flowers that had just blossomed, disappeared and the stem was strangled to death. The tiny sapling looked naked in a small corner. I was stunned for a moment. The plant no more looked beautiful; it was the ugliest of the things I had ever seen. Who could have been so uncouth to do this to my orchid? I just knew I had to bring it back home. It was indeed wrong to take something back that you have given to someone else but at that moment what I could see was my little orchid dying. It was more than painful and the fact that it would never grow again was killing. I picked it and managed to carry it home with a heavy heart but a hope that a miracle would bring it back to life.
It looked ugly for days and I would look at it every morning hoping to see a leaflet grown but all in vain. It continued to die with each passing day and I had almost given up. But there was someone who didn’t. My husband would nurture the leftover of the dead orchid everyday. Almost a month passed by and one fine morning I see a green stem, standing upright against all odds and I knew my orchid is back to life. It fought and came back. Today after a month it has many tiny buds of flowers growing and it looks stunning as ever. Looking at the sky with its spine upright, it flaunts itself and I go crazy every time I gaze at it.
Apart from sharing its beauty to me, my little orchid has taught me many important lessons of life which otherwise I would have taken years to learn. First, love heals all wounds, however deep it is. Love is the best medicine. Second it has taught me, never to give up. Whatever life has to throw on you, good bad or ugly accept it and live it with a smile on your face. Fight back and put in your best efforts. Hope gives strength. You will triumph. And the most beautiful of all, Patience is a virtue. Just like a small sapling takes days or months to grow, any relationship needs its time to mature and all it needs is the nurturing and care to become a fulfilling bond. And once it blossoms after all the giving in it, it turns out to be as beautiful as it could be.
Ah!! My beautiful Orchid…. What a love we share!!

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