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Friday, September 17, 2010

10 simple ways to beat stress!!

You want it or you don’t, stress comes without asking for it. In this fast paced life when one is trying to do so many things together in order to be ahead of the other , stress has become a part of everyone’s life. But over stressing yourself can lead to multiple problems both physically and mentally. Anger, irritation, anxiety etc can all be attributed to the side effects of an over stressed life leaving it meaningless.

Mentioned below are some simple ways that may help you cut down on the unnecessary stress and give you the needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

1. Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy: It’s not only your hectic work schedules that traumatise you but also your eating habits may be one of the reasons for your stressful life. Improper eating habits makes us lethargic and we tend to become irritating and slow at work which adds to our pile up of stress. Thus a healthy diet is one of the great ways to burst stress. Eat healthy and eat on time, this will make you physically fit and prompt at work. Avoid eating junk food, skipping meals or over eating. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. A healthy body is a happy body.

2. Sleep enough, sleep sound : In the rat race of today we all have deprived ourselves of a peaceful or sound sleep. This is one of the key reasons for stress. Long working hours, hectic schedules and addiction have led to an enormous rise in insomnia, thus leading to a lack of proper sleep that your body needs. Thus it is advisable to sleep for at least 6 hours a day, and sleep sound.A peaceful sleep is what your body deserves after it has been exposed to almost every kind of torment in the day.

3. All work and no Play makes Jack a dull boy: Life can get too mechanical with all work and no rest or peace. It happens and it happens to all of us. We lose focus from our health and its demands thus leading to a sluggish body, lethargic mood and no spirits left to move. At such point an exercise or an outdoor game comes to your rescue. Your body needs some work out to keep it going healthy and fit. If not exercise an outdoor game which requires movements of your body parts is a must in our routine lives. Play any outdoor game and you will soon see the difference. Moreover games teach you to accept failures and keep trying till you overcome your obstacle. At the end of any of these activities you will realize you have just learnt to be in shape without too much of an effort.

4. Music therapy: Music unwinds you, your body and mind. It helps you calm down , gives a break to your thought process and helps you rejuvenate them. Music could be of any sort depending on your likes or moods. Anything from the traditional to folk, from jazz to rock, from soft and soothing to upbeat ones. They will help you relax yourself after a long strenuous day. These days the trance music is quite popular and is easily available all over.

5. Communicate your feelings : “A problem shared is a problem halved”. Talking about your feelings acts as an outlet to all the anger, frustration and agitation accumulated thus giving you enough space and time to focus on solutions and finding a way out. Talk to your mom, dad, spouse, sibling or friend or anyone you feel is close to you. Sometimes by just saying your thoughts or worries out loud can help liberate you from them. Also you may gain their perspective and who knows their inputs may help.

6. The Power of Meditation and Yoga: Meditation has helped people in more than one ways. Meditating at least an hour a day keeps you peaceful, active and positive all through the day. Meditating before you hit the bed gives you a sound sleep thus you are up fresh and relaxed the next day. Meditation not only relaxes your body and mind but also helps you connect to God, the Supreme Soul or whatever you call Him. It simplifies life, reduces tensions, makes you sharp and focused. It helps normalizing your blood pressure, use oxygen more efficiently and gives much needed relaxation to your brain. Yoga, when performed daily helps reduce stress and alleviate all the other issues that one has been struggling with. It increases flexibility, augments lubrication of joints, ligaments and tendons, detoxifies your body and tones your muscles. This in turn proves to be of assistance in your professional and personal life. A positive mindset is the easiest way to curb stress.

7. Spend some time with “Kids”: As they say “ a kid is the most happiest of all. He has no anxieties of the past and no worries of the future”. Spending time with kids can serve as a great stress reliever. Their innocence and creativity is miraculous.There is so much that you get to learn from kids, they never give up even if they fall short and they are more than curious to know and discover newer things. They don’t feel foolish to ask questions and are happy with the smallest of the things. Once you begin to learn from them, you will realize that your life becomes simpler and tasks easier.

8. Laughter is the best medicine: It is always easier to be happy than to be miserable. It’s easier to laugh than to frown. Laugh often, laugh loud. Laughter is turning out to be an extremely popular tool helping people relieve stress. It opens up your lungs thus allowing oxygen to reach properly to all parts of your body and making you feel fit and fresh. Apart from this, laughing eases out the physical stress and makes you feel lighter from inside. A research says, that laughing lowers the blood pressure and reduces stress hormones. It also produces positive emotions thus leaving you with a happy feel.

9. Pursue a Hobby: Remember your childhood days, when you always wanted to be a gardener? Because it would be such fun to chase the butterflies amongst the multi hued surroundings, play with the leaves around and then lie on the grass when you are tired of the play. As we grow up we lose out on our real wants, the want to be what you really feel from inside.Discover yourself and do what you always wanted to. It could be a childish thing like watering the plants, or a piece of pottery, writing a line or two, trekking, singing, discovering new places or any other leisure pursuit. Whatever it is, do what makes you happy. You will enjoy being a child again and the contentment you derive from such an activity can’t be expressed in words.

10. Love yourself and be grateful:
This is most important and you have no escape to it. The major reason for stress is because we either over - estimate or under – estimate ourselves. The former leads to complications because we set un realistic goals and when we do not succeed to achieve them we find ourselves in a situation of agony and disturbance. The latter is even worse. We end up as losers sobbing in a corner and falling prey to self pity. Accept yourself and love yourself for what you are. Be thankful to God for giving you a healthy body, a family to love you, enough to eat and good to wear. You are not perfect, nobody is perfect. It’s good to fall sometimes, because you learn so much. Be thankful for everything you have and learn to share. This gives eternal happiness and no trauma however potent it is will ever be able to shatter you.

A combination of the above mentioned steps may help you in curbing stress, but the real help has to come from within you. A simple lifestyle is the best way to begin. Learn to be happy and appreciate the smallest of the things. Focus on solutions, problems will find their way out. Spend time with your family, share a laugh. Don’t seek peace and happiness outside, it is well within you.
So stay happy and stay Stress Free!!


Amruta said...

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Ya so true!! We know all of that already but reading it in a good article is really a reminder..

Rakeshkumar said...

good article again...very helpful in beating stress..