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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Taste of Humility

In a small village lived a magnificent cook, Neya. She was naturally gifted with the art of cooking. She was so wonderful that she became well-known far and wide for her country food. People from distant places visited her small eatery. Travelers who passed from the village would feast in there. With her growing recognition, she decided to expand her eatery in to a well facilitated “restaurant”. She grew by leaps and bounds and after a short time became popular all over the country. Her restaurant was always filled with people and all praising her delicious meal. Her popularity brought fame for her village too. Her chefs were indebted to her for sharing her expertise with them. She witnessed success at its best.

Once her mother decided to visit her new restaurant and see her daughter’s growing success. Neya was very happy about her mother’s visit. She prepared the dinner herself and presented it to her mom. Her mother tasted the food and smiled. She said” Your decline phase has begun”. She finished the food and left. Neya felt very sad and her chefs were shocked. However, many of them thought that Neya’s old mother has lost her sanity. No sane mother will curse her daughter’s fortune. 

Time passed by and gradually her mother’s words came true. Neya's fame went to dirt and traveler’s stopped coming. People criticized the food and complained about the lost taste. Neya could not find a way out and decided to visit her mother.Neya’s mother was expecting this. As soon as Neya saw her mother,she hugged her and broke into tears. Neya’s mother comforted her. In her mother’s arms Neya felt better and braver. But a question kept bothering her. Neya decided to ask her mother and get rid of it.

At dinner the same night,Neya asked her mother how she knew about her (Neya’s) ill fate. Neya’s mother replied with simplicity,” Your food tasted good but it was not like before. You had over done your spices to make it taste better than before. The simplicity from the food was lost. Your food tasted of pride and ego. Your ego taught you that you can cook anything and it will turn tasty. Your pride taught you to not accept mistakes. That’s how I knew your turn down has begun. But now that you have fallen with your pride shattered, success shall come to you again. The flavor of humility will spice up the food again”.

Khushi feelz: It's True, Pride goeth before a fall

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