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Monday, January 10, 2011

The why’s and how’s!!

Life is uncertain, unpredictable and full of surprises. I guess I have been very fortunate to have the most of it. Certain circumstances just leave you wordless and you are lost in the why’s and how’s of it. Yet, you never get an answer. Instead what you probably get is an experience that is worth keeping. I believe such situations are god’s secret way to communicate with you, to tell you something that you should know or learn. I just experienced one such thing and I am overwhelmed. I don’t know what to name it as but I am left with a strong belief that HE guides.

I was a little unwell today, just the normal cough and cold, owing to the weather changes in the city here. Well I don’t blame Mother Nature for anything; she is just giving us back what we gifted her. We will discuss that some other day. Let’s come back to what we began. Since I was unwell and alone at home, I was obviously missing my husband (my best companion). I picked up the phone and called him. Someone on the other side received and said”: Hello Khushi”. I went numb for a moment. A woman answered my husband’s phone? And she knows my name too? Forget the name, the nick name? Who could she be? Have I heard this voice before? Questions just ran across every cell in my head and the other person kept on saying, hello Khushi you there? I replied with a faint voice, yes, who is this? She replied, whom did you call up girl? I regained consciousness and said, Aartu? Is that you? And the reply was a very strong, yes.

Let us revive my good old days and get introduced to Aartu ( Aarti Gupta). I met her in August 2007, the year that taught me a lot about life. We were colleagues and lived very nearby. Obviously we started travelling to work together and got very close. I felt very comfortable with her and adored her for everything. Aartu is a very strong woman with strong ideals. She has defined her goals and achieves all of them. Her perspective towards life is very different. I wonder how can one remain optimistic all the time, trust me she does. She always carries a smile on her face and humility in her voice. Her crackling laughter and wit won it all from me.

We would travel in the same local train and the travelling time gave us the finest moments of our friendship. We shared lives with each other. Be it smiles or tears, we shared it all. My life was a little entangled in its own way and I was struggling to find a way out. Aartu came to my rescue. Unfortunately I was so sunken in my own self that I started moving away from her and this divine friendship started losing its charm. Aartu did all to bring me out, but I just didn’t held her hand. I was trying to come to terms with my life and in the process I lost a dear friend. Aartu left Bombay and moved to Delhi with her husband and son. I was left alone, in Mumbai.

Life changed and I sprang back. Things moved and smiles were back. But there was a vacuum, I was missing something. I kept on asking myself but in vain. There was guilt within me and I had to come out of it. I gathered courage and called up Aartu. She was obviously very upset but Aartu is Aartu. We spoke and I told her about the situations then. I did not justify my act but I wanted her to know my side of the story. She heard and understood. It took her sometime but I had found my friend back.

Well that’s the history. Now back to the present scenario. My phone has been experiencing dialing problems. I realized that because of the same fault Aartu’s number got dialed on its own. I was obviously left shocked.We chatted for about 10-15 minutes and it was super fun. We spoke about her trip to Himachal Pradesh, the snow, Delhi and its colors, Mumbai and the fun we had, her son and motherhood in general, life after marriage and weight management (well, they are inter-related). Don’t be surprised, with the speed that I talk, I could have also discussed about the next prime Minister. I felt so good. The same old giggle on either sides of the phone, the same comfort and the same sentiment. I did not tell her that from the past few days I was yearning to talk to her. And as strange as it may sound, last night I was thinking about her. I don’t know how and why this happened. I believe God wanted me to thank Aartu for her selfless love, for her guidance and for her forgiveness. There was an innate desire to tell her that her friendship meant a lot to me. Thankfully I did.

I am left thinking about this. I am still searching for an answer, the why’s and how’s. I am sure I never will get an answer to this. Sometimes it’s best not to have an answer. I am elated and thank God from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful opportunity. It is not difficult to tell people how special they are to you; it just takes a word or two of love and gratitude.

I love you Aartu and thanks for being such a bundle of joy.


Rakeshkumar said...

well done once again.. beautifully written .. good work

Aarti said...

Love u too Khushi....

Anonymous said...

Bhabi..Apko shat shat NAMAN