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Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolution – 2013!!

The title sounds like a novel packed with drama, emotion, action and comedy isn’t it? But resolutions are not devoid of any of these. Ask a person who has been struggling to keep up with the New Year resolutions every year. I am absolutely awful at keeping up with them. So this year I decided to post my resolutions on my blog. That will bring in some sense of responsibility towards my resolutions (I am just hopeful) and I am positive that I’ll able to achieve them, this year at least.

All these years I never thought of segregating my goals in to small achievable milestones. So they either  looked impractical or absolutely unattainable. Moreover I was never specific in designing them. Somehow I thought I could manage. Yeah yeah, you are right I over-estimated my capabilities. Thus this year, I plan to split my resolutions in to small achievable goals or milestones and then measure them regularly (This is what I learnt in one of those corporate trainings). I am also going to reward myself with a nice book that I am desperate to read (Books are such wonderful friends and the best antidotes) or may be cook some exotic dish to treat my taste buds,  only if I achieve my goals. Wouldn't it be fun?

I am not going to share the milestones here because they are really funnyJ. But what is life without a
tinge of humor to it?

So here we begin with Resolution 2013:

1. Stay fit, Stay healthy: Last year I have been completely ignorant of my health. I think I overrated my immunity or undervalued the bacteria, virus and all those tiny little beings that surround us. Thus ended up with throat infections and asthma issues on multiple occasions. I was too busy working and then realized that every time I fell sick my home turned upside down. For all obvious reasons, I just couldn't take care of my family, my home or my work. So my first and foremost resolution is to take care of myself and do whatever it takes to be healthy.

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Resolution: Be a little more disciplined which means more time for exercise, meditation and perhaps a little more yoga.

2. Keep in touch with my near and dear ones: Life has been terribly hectic all through 2012. Apart from my parents I was barely able to stay in touch with anyone. Friends often called up and I
ended up in messaging, “busy L call ya later” or just couldn’t talk to them enough. I always
thought I would catch up with them later, but later never arrived and I lost on the precious time I
could have spent with them. Such an irony of life that we work so hard to make money but then
we lose on to the real wealth of life. The wealth of love that family and friends bestow upon us.

Resolution: I’ll ensure that I am available for my loved ones and spend enough and quality time with them (even if it’s on the phone/ email / IM or whatever new comes up. These day’s "What’s App" is in, isn’t’ it?).

3. Complete my courses: I have enrolled myself for two academic courses each of which are
important and can help me with my long term goals. But travelling and managing other stuff
leaves me with almost no time to study. Yeah, the same time excuse again. However, it’s been
enough now. Enough of falling prey to procrastination and non sense excuses. Time to organize
myself and be more persistent with my studies. Whoever said, “No gain without pain” must have
either been a finance student or a procrastination KING or QUEEN.

Resolution: Time to organize myself to take out time for my studies and have an attainable target.
The student in me is sleeping already…zzzzzzzz J (You can ignore the sleeping part)

4. Write more, Read more: Books have been my constant companion all through my life. In fact I spend 3 hours a day travelling and that’s the time when I read a lot. That means almost 3 hours of
reading each day. Great. In fact 2012 brought me closer to many Indian authors’. I hope I continue reading in 2013 also. But writing took a back seat. I hardly wrote anything throughout last year. In fact my blogs were rarely updated too. Baaad!! I have to ensure to write at least one page each day. That's an achievable target. Again this calls for organization and some perseverance. But nothing comes for free, does it?

Resolution: I have to write more and more and as much as possible…. Perhaps I can start with my blog itself. What say?

5. Positive in - Negative Out: Negative people, emotions, thoughts can just drain you of your
happiness, enthusiasm and peace. They can rob you of hope and faith on God and his goodness.
Yet, many of us will agree that we continue to tolerate negative thoughts and people in our lives
for whatever reasons. I once thought that if I distance myself from some of the negative people
in my life, I will be selfish. But as time passed by I realized that I was wrong. It is not at all selfish
to be positive and happy. We can’t change others, but we can certainly decide and choose our
company. We all get just one life and we have a choice on how to spend it, by sulking in the
negativity or by being blissfully happy. The choice is ours.

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Resolution: To focus on positive thoughts and the blessings of my life, to be more assertive and say “No” when needed.

The journey begins with an aspiration that I shall conquer the world....I'll share updates about my journey and its experiences with all of you regularly.

By the way, what is your New Year Resolution?? Share with me, I am listening.

Happy as ever,

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